The lies

We are each unique. Each one of us is uniquely made with no two people being repeated ever since the beginning of creation. God gave us all our personalities, our minds, our emotions and all these things combine to give us our own experiences and perspectives on everything which although they may bear similarity to others, could never be duplicated in precisely the same way ever. I look at this truth about me and am in awe of God for doing all this. It makes me feel loved and known. It also brought something else to my mind. I’ve been in this zone lately of hearing the truth behind the lie. Truly, I have been on to it for a long time like a dog with a bone. I have probably been looking for the truth to lies ever since I realised that for every lie there is a truth but it seems to have taken a different form lately. I feel like not only am I seeing the truth but the reason we need that truth. This is where our uniqueness comes in. I was listening to an encouragement on the radio this morning where a man was taking about this very thing. As he was speaking and I was contemplating what he was saying the thought of how much people tend to isolate themselves came to mind. Then I started thinking about all the ways that people push other people away from themselves or block relationship with each other. Then the lies began to come. You are alone in the world. There is no one like you. No one out there understands you. You’re weird. All the dirty, filthy lies. See they are effective because they take a truth from God, in this case that we are all beautifully unique, and it twists it into a life destroying lie. It’s the very truth in it that gives the lie strength and power and the lie comes in to finish the job and destroy. We feel a connection to the truth in the lie and therefore we acquiesce to the rest of the lie. We give this lie permission to exist in our hearts and mind. This is where we also begin to see how very important and valuable this truth of uniqueness is to us. Why? If it wasn’t valuable then Satan wouldn’t attack it so much. This is a key to getting free from lies.

I believe that we feel a connection to the truth because God is truth. He created us so the truth is in us. One of the reasons for that is so we can stay connected to Him. This is the beautiful part. The God of all creation wants to stay connected to each one of us. This is why it’s important to first see the lies that we believe. Then to see past them to the truth about what God says and then apply it to our lives. Now we come to the reason we need the truth in this case. We all need the truth but what is the specific need in this case? We all need to know that we are a created being. Here’s my thought process; the lie is that we are alone, this lie is built on the fact that we are created uniquely, that means that we are created, therefore we need to know we are created. We need to know we are created so that God can be put in His rightful place in our lives, so we can live in communion with Him and live the abundant life He intended for all His children. Do you know your Creator? I challenge you to begin a relationship with the One who loves and created you. Want to know how? You can leave a message in the comments or I can be reached at

As always, I pray this challenged you and facilitates a change in your thoughts and actions.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. I love feedback.

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