There are some things that people believe that need to go. Yes, this is just my opinion but this is my blog so there’s that. But seriously, I think it would clear a lot of life problems if some of these things were removed from our lexicon and from usage all together. In fact, I think this will be an occasional series because there are a few of these popular misunderstandings going around that I feel the need to talk about. The one I’d like to talk about today is the idea that everything happens for a reason. Sounds good doesn’t it? It makes everything so much easier to handle. It gives everything a reason, especially the bad things, which makes a lot of people much more comfortable with their lives and helps them move on when those bad things happen. So, you might be thinking, just leave it alone. Who carres if people say that? It might be true, jut let it go. Nope. It just isn’t true. Sometimes things happen for no good reason. In fact, one of the problems with this misconception is that there is this implication that there wasn’t just a reason for that thing to happen but it was a good reason. Unfortunately, bad things happen to all kinds of people all the time. I’m not fatalist. I’m not saying that only bad things happen but if you need to get through life pretending that they don’t happen at all then you will have a hard life.

The other problem with believing that everything happens for a reason is that it leads people into the process of trying to figure out why that thing happened. That may sound like no big deal. In fact, this may be something that you do so often that it never occurred to you that you might not want to be doing that. Why is this a problem? Well for starters, we probably don’t ask God why but instead try to reason it out. This is not a good plan. We also come up with all kinds of untrue, faulty reasons especially when we do this in a time of hurt. Actually these rationalizations that stem out of a hurting heart and mind can actually keep us tied to the pain of the incident that caused the pain.

It bothers me most when I hear Christians say everything happened for a reason. You really believe that the loving God that you say you believe in gave that little baby cancer, for example, for a reason? Or even if you don’t believe that God did it are you saying that you do believe that there was a good reason that this child got sick and died? It’s hard, it’s terrible and painful but there may not have been any good reason that it happened or any reason at all. It may have been just a bad thing that happened. I think the reason people do this is that they need to understand or to make sense out of terrible things. I understand the drive to understand everything but sometimes there aren’t answers and I think we rob ourselves of true healing when we cover over pain with misconceptions or busy our minds with trying to figure things out.

Christians tend to tie this misconception closely with the idea that God will bring good out of the circumstances which they get from Genesis 50:20. This is another verse that people misuse which I will talk about in a future post. It’s true that God can make good come out of any kind of situation but that does not mean that there was a good reason for that bad thing to happen.

It may sound like I’m splitting hairs here but I don’t agree. I think it’s important to think about how we are thinking especially if we find that we keep having the same problems in life without any change. The cause is often if not always rooted in stinking thinking and we exacerbate the issue when we share these misconceptions with other people through niceties filled with false beliefs.

I pray that this was a thought provoking post. I pray that you encounter your Creator today.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, I value your feedback!

Are there sayings that you have taken out of you lexicon after realizing how faulty they were? Are there things you hear other people utter that make you cringe? Let me know in the comments.

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