I have a friend who inspires me all the time towards all sorts of things. I’m very grateful for her in my life. She reminds me to live in the moment and make the most of that moment because you’ll never get it back, which is something I need to reminded of regularly. As we all do, she has struggles and one of them is making major life decisions. Maybe this is something you struggle with so I am going to share what I shared with her this morning. There is nothing personal or revealing in it because it’s important to me to protect her privacy (and that of all people close to me) and protect her heart.

Here it is:

If you struggle with making major life decisions or maybe any decision at all I think it is because you are over focused on your strand in the bigger tapestry of life that God is weaving. Have you ever learned to crochet? If not, I have included a picture of what I am talking about for visual illustration. When you first learn to crochet you must do a row of single crochets to begin with. You might be picturing your life as that row of single crochets. As happens when you are first learning, you make mistakes and might not notice so when you get to the end and look at your work you see the mistake need to unravel the row (or at least part of it) and start over. If you imagine your life as a single row of crocheting then it is easy to see how even one mistake can ruin what work you have done. Well, there are many more strands in the tapestry then just your strand. God put you among many strands. There is your strand and there is God, so right off there is 4 strands (the God head makes 3). Then add to that your parents, siblings and extended family. Add to that friends and church family (if you go to one), co-workers and then all the people you cross paths with in the tapestry of life. You can make mistakes. Not only will they not unravel your life but you can step back after making those mistakes and see that the overall plans of God are still in tact, still functioning and still beautiful.

If you are someone who is sitting there reading this and take issue with what I wrote because you don’t have all these people in your life and therefore think that it doesn’t apply to you and therefore is not relevant at all. Well, the problem might be that you don’t have people in your life. Maybe you need to go outside your house and change that. Maybe then you’ll see things differently. I will always promote community with all its potential for problems and hurt and screw ups. I will still encourage having people in your life because with all the potential for pain there is equal potential for love and growth and life. In fact, I think that once you embrace God’s plan for your life which includes others, the potential for pain decreases and what pain does occur becomes not only manageable but in itself becomes potential for helping others with their pain. Which might make you realise that it may not have been a screw up at all. Ok, I’m done preaching now.

As always I pray that this made you think and that through it you encounter your Creator.

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