So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17 (NKJV)

Could this be the answer to our concerns over a feeling of lack of faith? Could this one little sentence be the answer to all the fret? Maybe you aren’t someone who has difficulty with their level of faith. Maybe it’s not a concern of yours but I know people that struggle in this area. This verse is so simply put. We listen to the Word and faith will come. There are a few important distinctions here, we need to hear the Word and that hearing comes by the word of God. It means that you can hear the word of God and that this process of hearing it will bring faith. That means that only reading the bible will not have the same results. This verse also means that the bible came by someone hearing the word and recording it but that’s another point of another blog. So, back to the main point, we only need to hear. That could be by a preacher (the context of this verse) but I also believe that you could speak the word over yourself, you could speak revelation that you get from God over yourself, and you could speak revelation over others. It also sounds like we could do this process over and over again endlessly receiving faith. There does not seem to be any constraints on this verse. So maybe this notion of not having enough faith is flawed and maybe it is the act of choosing to pursue God and hear from Him that gives us all the faith we need to accomplish what we are believing for? Amazing. What a good God we have who provides a source that we have complete freedom to access that provides for our needs.

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