Super Glue

Here’s the argument: we are sinners VS we are righteous. I’ve heard arguments, conversations, messages from the pulpit on both sides of the argument. You probably have heard them as well. I am not here to add to the long list of people who have spoken on either side of this subject nor am I here to pick a side but I do have thoughts. I don’t think I could find a Christian alive that would be able to say that they have not sinned since becoming a Christian. I also believe that we are made righteous in Christ from the moment we believe. So, what if it’s not an either or thing? What if both are true? I know, it sounds crazy but hear me out. What if we are simultaneously righteous and sinners? What if in the process of picking a side we are missing the point? What if we need to be both fully aware of our sinful nature and fully living in our righteousness in Christ?

I was thinking about this sinner or not debate this morning and a picture of a glue bottle popped into my head. This was not your average type of glue bottle. It was that kind of glue that comes in one bottle but inside is two compartments each containing one of two different chemicals that I can only assume are not sticky substances alone. It is only when the two chemicals mix that they become super glue (apparently called epoxy). It is only after combining the two that they fulfill their intended purpose. That made me think that maybe we need to embrace both sides of this debate. I think power is released when we accept and walk fully in both our potential for sin and our the righteousness that was given to us. See, all kinds of unhealthy character traits can spring up if we decide to live in the extremes of one or the other point of view. On one side, we can become bogged down by our past sins and walk in fear of living them out again if we only focus on our sinful nature. On the other side, I have met fellow Christians who don’t consider their potential for sin, call it being redeemed and live in denial while continuing to relive their mistakes from the past. I get it, these are nowhere near the only two possible ways this could play out but they serve as examples of what could happen. I think that there is power in fully embracing our humanity and fully embracing the power and authority we have in Christ. Accepting them both creates an internal environment that calms fears and sparks strength that helps us walk in all that Christ has for us, I believe.

If you’re interested in the scriptures I have based these thoughts on here is a list:


1 John 1:7-9

1 John 3:5


James 4:17-21

Romans 3:10

Romans 3:23

1 Timothy 1:15

I pray that you find this thought inspiring and that you encounter your Creator, Jesus Christ, today.

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