This is my tomato harvest that I brought in this week. As I was checking the box this morning for more ripe tomatoes something came into my head, this is an aspect of community. See, I’m in the middle of putting a book together on community so it’s on my mind a lot. When I first picked theses tomatoes I posted it on Facebook and one of my friends said to leave a few ripe tomatoes on with the green ones to help speed the ripening process along. That stuck in my brain, ruminated around and came to fruition this morning. As I mentioned, I believe this is an aspect of community but more than that an important part of why we need community. I believe that the concept is this: being exposed to other people whom we are in community with who are further along in their journey than we are helps us advance faster than trying to do it alone. So whether these fellow community members are more educated, more intelligent, more enlightened, more dedicated, have grown in their character, learned to love better, whatever it may be that they have gone further in than that will cause me to grow faster in these areas just by being in community together. That is exactly what the tomatoes do, they ripen faster with other ripe tomatoes around them. I love it when God helps me understand His truth through natural things around me. This is a primary way He speaks to me.

This truth is so important today in this era of isolation. Now, I haven’t been around for ages nor have I done the research but I think that our society is experiencing a more stronger pull to isolate than ever before in history. We have lost sight of our need for each other. There are so many ways we need each other. I’ll get into them in other posts as well as explaining what I think community looks like.

What do we do with this info? If you’re not in community you need to be. Begin making friends, having conversations with strangers, showing kindness to those around you. It won’t always go perfectly, that’s part of being human, but if you stick with it, it will change your life.

As always I pray this makes you think and that you encounter your creator today.

Be blessed.

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